Residents of Radbrook have now received a green wheelie bin and two new boxes to be used in the new recycling collection services. The new system starts on Tuesday, 23 October.  The grey refuse bin will be emptied on Tuesday, 23 October, and every fortnight thereafter. The following week, on Tuesday, 30 October, garden waste and cardboard (in your new green bin) and cans, bottles and newspapers (in your blue and green boxes) will be collected. These recyclables will then be collected every two weeks. Don’t forget to rinse cans and bottles and remove caps, lids or corks. Until you get used to the new system, keep the timetable and guide of what goes where in a handy place in your home. It’s also a good idea to number your bins and boxes to identify them with your property. You can now take your empty plastic bottles and tetra pack cartons to the recycling bins in the Co-op’s car park.



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